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Airport-a Window To Our World

I still remember my first day at work at the airport. I felt numbness in my hands when I was given my first assignment, at the Dubai Airport. If you have ever been to Dubai, you know that the airport is massive. In my initial days, I used to fear how I would guide the passengers considering how easily I got confused.  It took me some time before I got the hang of it and there is no looking back ever since.


I have looked after passengers from around the world—some saying goodbyes to their family and leaving for work, some on a business trip to make that important deal happen, and some parents reuniting with their children after a long trip.


In my line of work, I also have to ensure that everyone’s requirements are met. Children need energy; elders need patience while delegates need perfection. But there’s one thing in common among passengers, be it any age, gender or ethnicity. The happiness when they see their loved ones, the sadness they feel when saying goodbye, the excitement of a new journey and the prospect of a reunion that fills their heart with joy. These emotions cut across all religions, regions, ethnicity and time making the realization set in that we are just one big family spread across the world.


I feel lucky to be a part of these emotions, even if it is for a short moment, and every time as they leave, they leave a part of themselves behind making me look forward to more such experiences.


Airport is a place for mixed emotions, which are perfectly captured in this video. Caution: You will cry.



The author is a part of Murgency airport services and the thoughts, ideas, expressions in this article are her own.

Published on: 19/Sep/2020
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