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6 Dirtiest Places On The Plane You Cannot Avoid Touching

Imagine how many people have been on the flight before you. Ground handling staff may clean the lavatory, but in that short window of taking off again, you cannot sterilize the entire plane. This leaves the passengers with oodles of germs surrounding you unknowingly. sent a microbiologist to this air-travel breeding ground and these are the germ-infested surfaces on the airplane.


*the finding is measured in colony-forming units (CFUs) per square inch.


1) Tray Table: 2,155 CFU/sq. in.


The food is hygienically packed, but how often is the tray tables reused? The fact that it is the dirtiest place on the plane speaks for itself. The thought of eating from it, will make your stomach churn.


2) Drinking Fountain Button: 1,240 CFU/sq. in.


Getting off or on the plane, buy bottled water than sipping at the public water fountain. Unless the airports replaced the button with sensors. If you can prolong your thirst, you will be served water on the flight.


3) Overhead Air Vents: 285 CFU/sq. in.


Firstly, the circulated air in the plane is infested and stale, and when you stretch to adjust the air vents you are getting exposed to 285 CFU/sq. in of germs. With the surge of air travel, airlines fail the germ test.


4) Lavatory Flush Buttons: 265 CFU/sq. in.


You may not touch the other items, but you have to flush. If you don’t, shame on you. Each flight, each passenger will have to use the lavatory and if it is a long-distance flight, the bacteria breeds in such spots.


5) Seatbelt Buckles: 230 CFU/sq. in.

It will keep you save in an emergency, but it is exposing you to bacteria left behind by the pervious passenger. The small things are the breeding ground for bacteria as they are rarely cleaned.


6) Bathroom Stall Locks: 70 CFU/sq. in.

Guess hygiene is not on top of the list for few passengers. How you wash your hands, protects you from germs and you are not an instrument for spreading germs.


How To Maintain Hygiene On The Plane


  • Carry your hand sanitizer in a transparent 100ml container (3.4 ounce).
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and flush out bacteria.
  • When in the wash room, thoroughly wash your hands with hot water and soap.


Maintain personal hygiene—wear clean socks, clothes, and do not clean your ears, using dental floss or clipping your fingernails. Before the flight, eat healthy and pile on vitamin C to boost your immunity. Stay clean, stay healthy!


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Published on: 19/Sep/2020
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