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6 Airport Assistance Services You Need To Beat The Holiday Season Rush

Delayed flights, long lines, and lack of patience runs high during the holiday season. A simple way to escape these stressful situations is to get airport assistance services. The services start at your doorstep. The attendant escorts you in the quickest and smoothest way through the airport. And concludes when you reach your final destination, safely. These are six basic airport assistance services to dodge the agonizing airport procedures.


1) Meet & Greet



Holiday mayhem can be overwhelming for passengers, especially for first time fliers. The magnitude of the airport, even worse if you are in a foreign airport, can set your heart racing. Meet the airport assistant at the terminal gate and relax; they will take it from here.


2) Fast Track Process



The airport assistant knows the airport inside and out. They have the contacts and resources to make prior arrangements. You can fast track from check-in to immigration with the help of airport assistance.


3) Airport Transfer



Airport transfer service helps those in transit. They assist you if you have to switch from domestic to international airport too. And if you’re not familiar with the language, we will assist you. Airport transfer service includes meet & greet, cart transport, security clearance, fast track procedures, baggage handling, lounge access, flight monitoring, upgrades, re-booking, accommodation, and escort to the plane.


4) Limousine Service



The airport assistance begins at your doorstep with a chauffeur-driven limousine. They will pick you up and introduce you to the host at the terminal gate. It is an ideal choice if you are in a country you are not familiar with and need to reach the airport hassle-free.


5) Elderly Assistance



It is daunting to maneuver through trolleys, wait in serpentine lines, and find a seat in packed waiting areas. Airport assistance arranges for cart transportation, access to the airport lounge, and ensure you get the right meal. You can arrange for wheelchair assistance or health-related facilities through airport assistance too.  


6) VIP Service



This is just what you need at the airport during the holiday season. A complete VIP airport service to travel in style and comfort. Away from the anxious and harrowed crowd. The privileges attached to this service entitle you to the luxury travel life.


Airport assistance is perfect for people of all ages, mothers traveling with kids, elderly traveling alone, differently-abled individuals, traveling with pets, unaccompanied minors, and first-time fliers. You can request for airport assistance services at MUrgency Airport Assistance.


* Check out airport assistance discounts available for the holiday season.

Published on: 20/Oct/2019
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